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How to Find the Best Site for Cryptocurrency Investment

The crypto market is booming. Thanks to the ongoing institutional adoption and support from high-profile investors, Bitcoin and altcoins have entered the mainstream. However, with over 5,000 coins available, investment decisions are not easy. Investment websites provide a wealth of information for beginners and pros. Here is how to choose a reliable exchange and source …


How Bitcoin Price Changed During the Pandemic

In 2020, while the pandemic was wreaking havoc on economic systems around the world, the crypto market experienced a boom. Bitcoin surged in spite of the things that would normally make investors risk-averse. Here’s a look at its dynamics during the first year of the pandemic. Incredible Surge In mid-March, when the pandemic was declared, …

Payment Method

When Did Cryptocurrencies Become a Payment Method?

In 2020, the cryptocurrency market started booming. As institutional adoption is accelerating, crypto payments are accepted by more businesses than ever. But when did it start? International finance is evolving rapidly, as it is fueled by blockchain, AI, fintech, and mobile devices. By 2022, global e-commerce is projected to reach $5.69 trillion. As the online …